Hi, I’m Mitali!

Welcome to my site! I like to code. I also like contributing to open source projects.

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Week 3: Everybody Struggles!

Hello! The blog prompt for Week 3 is Everybody Struggles. Before contributing to outreachy I was learning about open source vocabulary, tools and I still am learning about those. As I am new to kernel development, I didn’t knew few terms and processes and I would like to share the most basic one: Process Creation.Continue reading “Week 3: Everybody Struggles!”

Week 1: Introduce Yourself!

Hi! Let me tell you about me. I’m Mitali. I am a sophomore at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. Well since my session is almost over, I am stuck in between sophomore and pre-final year phase. I live in Roorkee, Uttarkhand but due to pandemic, I am currently living at my native place Nagpur, Maharashtra.Continue reading “Week 1: Introduce Yourself!”

Beginning of Outreachy Journey!

Hi! I’m Mitali. I am a sophomore at IIT Roorkee. I am currently living at my native place Nagpur, Maharashtra. I have been selected as an Outreachy Intern for May-August 2021 round. What is Outreachy? Outreachy is a program which provides internships to work in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) projects.  Outreachy internship areContinue reading “Beginning of Outreachy Journey!”

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